♫♪  VIPER & Broken Machine Films presents… - “tha hustle ‘n bustle o’ life”

Broken Machine Films and Illuminated Paths presents vaporwave’s legendary rapper and king, viper. In glorious black-and-white, transparently blurred, technicolored washed-out, and negative tint, “tha hustle ‘n bustle o’ life” narrates what’s going on our here in the world.

viper flows all ins-and-outs of the worlds problems, ends questionable crises, barks the real truth from all kinds of high, on high, reel high. “tha hustle ‘n bustle o’ life” will never end. Nothing will get better. It’s all a matter of how you fuck with it. So get that grind. viper been out here. Where you been?

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