Brr [Book + 7-inch; Itchy Roof]

THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER! I’m having flashbacks to read-alongs with Marmaduke and Charlie Brown. Sadly, they’ve been lost in the gaping hole of adolescence to adult hood, when the seemingly obsolete ends up lost in the permanent vortex of too many moves. Thankfully artist Ryan Dodgson and musician Moshe Rozenberg have brought back the turntable read-and-play. When you hear the chime, turn the page, only here it’s the unplugging of an electronic animal or the mangled and overworked garbage disposal. The geometric pink art is magnificent; reminiscent of the doodles of Chad VanGaalen, Daniel Johnston and late 60s Looney Tunes as represented by abstract shapes rather than animal husks. Though an obtuse story, it is one to follow if for nothing more than active participation—it’s all art ever asks and the creative duo have made it accessible and fun. Rozenberg’s music will eventually steal your full attention, a combination of Hella and R. Stevie Moore in its bombastic, quick and quirky sputterings. It’s all over the place, much like Dodgson’s beautifully devious art and prose. It’ll set you back $25 to enjoy this but if you want to experience a lost storytelling art influenced by so much greatness (without ripping it off), Brr will sit you down and blow your mind with every needle drop and turned page.

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