A Pining [CS; Art Metropole]

When Cerberus was founded, a point of concentration was in the physical presentation of music — be it packaging, etching or how the music itself is (dis)played. But as is often the case, the art beneath — the music itself — often eclipsed the care many took in packaging and we followed right along because music, yeah!? Yet BRR’s 7-inch book released three years ago has continued to stand as a testament to our original mission. And in my case, it has slowly guided me back to this early missions statement. So it goes that the duo known as BRR continue in their tradition with this pop-up cassette; a psychedelic big top housing a variety of prancing and carefully choreographed animals. But behind these circling animals are fangs and girth. A Pining begins with the din of the droning crowd filing into the grand stands, before the animals begin to bray, bark and snarl. But it’s not out of fear or dominance, just a roar of appreciation. BRR’s electro-big top is whirling dervish of sonic artistry: heads in the lion’s mouth, trapeze flips and perfect balances between ambient and synth overload. When it’s time for the tent to come folding down, it envelopes the animalistic cassette in its warmest embrace. Another work of art pleasing to the ears, eyes and souls. BRR is but one reason Cerberus exists and I’m thankful they come along every so often to keep my own imagination firing.

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Cerberus seeks to document the spate of home recorders and backyard labels pressing limited-run LPs, 7-inches, cassettes, and objet d’art with unique packaging and unknown sound. We love everything about the overlooked or unappreciated. If you feel you fit such a category, email us here.

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