Burial Hex
In Psychic Defense [12-inch; Sound of Cobra]

Burial Hex’s “In Psychic Defense” comes bearing 12-inch pinchers. That is, it isn’t at all what I expected from the group responsible — hell, culpable — for a nasty split with Sylvester Anfang II and other atrocities. But true to their instinctive nature, the duo find a way to render what they’re doing at any given time captivating. It’s their willingness to blunder if it means furthering their art that impresses the most, a wont they flaunt front-and-center when, within the grooves of this single-sided LP’s final third, they shred the delicate paper constructs of plaintive comfort they’d just spent a lot of time cultivating with Golem speak-shrieks and loud, throbbing beats. Yep, that’s the Burial Hex I remember, but I won’t soon forget the other sides they reveal here. Very dark, very Germanic, very cool. Your move, Sound of Cobra.


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