Burial Hex
Six Wings [12-inch; Nostilevo]

Six Wings is a departure for Burial Hex in my eyes, though I’m sure his elbow-deep discog has taken several turns. Still, it’s almost as if Clay Ruby and William Cody Watson shook hands on an ambient-drone pact, with Cody Watson handling the sky and the clouds and Ruby specializing in plumbing the pits of hell. When given the choice, I’m always going to return to my predilection for black, charred soundscapes, and BH, no matter the chosen terrain, strike a mean stance. Low, guttural rumblings cover more subtle tones like an avalanche for much of the record, the occasional snarl (real, or imagined?) descending to lead us into the shadows forever. There are great rewards lying in wait if you allow Six Wings to take flight, particularly during the latter-third of each side, registering somewhere in between Sutekh Hexen and Babe, Terror, which is a great place to be. A deluxe version with two extra tapes and other goodies, in an edition of 33, has sold out, but the record is still out there.

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