Isalo Waterfall [CS; Not Not Fun]

Vincent Caylet’s demise as Archers by the Sea (and as Pistil Cosmos, etc.) continues to confound, but not as much as Isalo Waterfall. The hyperactive Caribbean vibe of his Cankun persona has a strange attention span. Grabbing the ancient club vibes of Not Not Fun and ditching the ambient moodiness of his past projects, Isalo Waterfall becomes something not even past Cankun releases have hinted at. It’s a rabid mixtape of jittery guitar, 8-bit kitsch, and summertime nostalgia fed through an organ grinder. All that’s missing is the monkey in doll clothing soliciting change from astonished onlookers. This is a one-two punch of island breezes and cocained memories. It warbles and wobbles at an unpredictable pace, the bright lights of the boardwalk leading us to a carnival clouded by ganja and fueled by ecstasy. Midnight ravers and lunchtime stoners intermingling at a party with no time zone, just perpetual warmth under a bright eclipsing sun; something for everyone underneath the Isalo Waterfall.


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