♫♪  Cankun - “Moyit”

Cankun is no stranger to the TMT crew. Nor is Hands In The Dark. And as the French label blesses their fellow country-man with his second album, Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold, Cankun’s newest track “Moyit” is the first great leap into his next musical step. At first, “Moyit” sounds as though Cankun is going for a funkier vibe, smoothing out into an arena of kosmische, and finding the tribal rythm that creates a house-jam of subtly (furious) psyche elements that move your body into a shameless mode of dancing in every which direction. Best part: it’s totally a night jam.

Like how any creature of darkness rises from their chamber around 9:15 P.M. But what better way to awake to Cankun’s “Moyit?” Seriously, set the track as an alarm. You’ll be up, taking a shower, cooking breakfast, brushing your teeth, read the news, and stretch for the day…. all simultaneously. Get outta bed. It’s late. Give a hoot:

BONUSSSSSSSSS: Not Not Fun is going to be doing the digital and cassette sales on Cankun’s Only The Sun Is Full Of Gold, for all the reelers out there!

• Cankun: https://soundcloud.com/cankun
• Hands In The Dark: http://handsinthedarkrecords.com
• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com

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