Clay Rendering
Fires That Cleanse [CS; Hospital]

Chances are good you’ll not hear this cassette until it gets some kind of digital release, but let’s talk about it anyway! Tara and Mike Connelly have taken Clay Rendering in a profoundly beautiful direction, morphing what started as a faceless Industrial/Rock project into strands of elegant, Gothic gloominess. Tara’s accordion provides a unique counterpoint to Mike’s guitar riffs and the result is music that floats, cuts and ascends straight into etheric bliss. It has become more the successor to Tara’s solo The Pool at Metz project than anything the couple has done before.

This particular slice of haunting dream-space was limited to 25 copies, so before dropping half a paycheck to get a copy on Discogs check out their criminally overlooked Snowthorn LP from last year. This under-released cassette picks up right where that album left off, echoing it’s near-perfect balance of ambiance and early industrial rhythms that feel epic in scale but also deeply individual and emotive. It’s 25 minutes of ghostly, reverb-choked guitar, accordion that glimmers like an aurora-lit snowfield and towering organ reverberations. Listen to it at night, in a room illuminated only by candle-light and moon beams, as dust flits through the air and cob-webs grow down from the ceiling.


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