♫♪  Clay Rendering - “Nature’s Confusion”

Mmmdamn! And you were thinking Liz Harris’ new project was hot? Yo, think AGAIN! ‘Cause Clay Rendering, consisting of Mike (Wolf Eyes, Failing Lights) and Tara Connelly (The Pool At Metz, The Haunting), is ripping it this year via two singles on their release Vengeance Candle. They had formed around this time last year, put out a 12-inch of their tracks “Nature’s Confusion” and “Vengeance Candle” during the winter-into-spring time(s) on Hospital Productions, and now (to this writer’s contentment) have released it on cassette via Sans Issue.

It don’t matter if I gotta keep catching it on the flippity flip. I will wear my welcome on that reel with a passionate ear. Also, if you live in Boston or NYC, you can scope ‘em live on the tail end of their fall tour, making sweet sound love to you in the audience. Ima convince my fiancée to hit ‘em up this FriFri. If you’re out, I’ll be wearing my C Monster shirt (got it at Urban Outfitters for $5, fuck on me). Come say “Hi!”

• Clay Rendering: http://clayrendering.com
• Sans Issue: http://sans-issue.net
• Hospital Productions: http://hospitalproductions.net

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