Digital Natives
Coppeecuffs [CS; Avant Archive]

Jeff Astin (gentleman to some, homey to most) returns with brolific moniker Digital Natives, a strange blend of Doc Moreau pop and vaporwave machismo. Yeah, it’s a lot of Sanford and Son hogging Coppeecuffs but the kitchen sink melodies and off-kilter sing-song of appropriated samples and junkyard beats is righteous with indignation. This tape cares not for convention or tradition; it’s carving its own in the same vein as Found Footage, et. al. Tropicalia, weirdo freakouts and island pop all weave in and out of this third-world boogie of one man’s trash becoming our treasure. To hell with your bourgeois thoughts, cut loose and tear one on with Dude Extraordinaire Astin.

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