♫♪  Digital Natives - So Be Yet

It’s been a minute since Jeffry Astin (a.k.a. Digital Natives) clocked into work. With countless scores of cut-up funk in his back catalog, we finally have something new with the release of So Be Yet. And even though this is a digital-only release, it still comes at us with all the tape smeared diggings of previous efforts, so nothing’s really changed. His brand of large stewed funky sauce is still boiling with great success. Spoon it out and up. Ladles on creamy point. On So Be Yet, the cobbled path of beat excursion gets followed for more hiccups and goosebumps. Guitar stabs? Yep. Salty bass? Uh-huh. Thick head haze? Most definitely. Making a day out of repetition is usually a drag, but what we have here is sublime recess from desks and papers and screens. Play this loud and praise up, buttercup.

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