Donato Dozzy
A Loud Silence [LP; Further]

A Loud Silence, at its core, is a cycle of compositions created on a set of mouth harps by our favorite electric bugaloo-causer Donato Dozzy. Obviously much has been done to these mouth harps; in fact at one point I had convinced myself didgeridoo was responsible for this delightfully active phylum of drone. NOPE! Time to study up, city boy; DD is packing a mou-har and setting out for the stars. He gets there quickly, too, “Cross Panorama” positioning itself on a bed of synth patches then softly gliding upward. It’s impossible not to fall in love with Dozzy’s mind-melding audio syrup, slow-dripping and sweet as it SO is. You can trust him with your patience and sit with a smile on your face no matter how long he tests you. The goods are on their way, rest assured. My favorite slice of future-world bliss is the title track, a squishy, rhythmic lump that expands and contracts like a meat-eating flower as it swallows earth. This is audio hypnosis at its best, luring the listener into a semi-snooze that doesn’t suffer for its repetitive nature. Besides, “The Net” is next and its random fluctuations represent the diametric opposite of what preceded it, both of course shining brightly in their own way. Truth be told I’m a bit smitten by A Loud Silence; maybe the Donato Dozzy hype, which I imbibed for a few years without hearing a note, is leading me by the ear like a pied piper from hell, but I doubt it. More likely is the notion that the cream rises to the top in this convoluted experimental game. It was only a matter of time before I was swept away by his altogether innovative approach to his craft, whether I ever heard that damn Bee Mask ‘cover’ album or not. Glad to finally make it to DD’s lair, a place of peace amid miles and miles of audio ruins. Mudboy loyalists take note, as well as, of course, Mark McGuire-ers and those of you with more synth-dro tapes than books.

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