Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
The Day 1982 Contaminated 1971 [LP; Helen Scarsdale Agency]

A decaying time capsule unraveling with the press of a needle and the rotation of the turntable, The Day 1982 Contaminated 1971 is a perplexing view finder into music-as-art. Collective Fossil Aerosol Mining Project turn back time to deliver dissolving snippets of 70’s film lost in the corrosion of 80’s lost and found bins. It’s an elegant statement on how half-lives can produce beautiful defects — or perhaps an ugly expose on how time ruins even the most urbane and debonair. Not all age like Clooney or Mirren; everything can’t have the Hollywood happy ending. But in the discarded, there is treasure. It doesn’t take two dopes riding shotgun across the contiguous 48 to figure that out. Case in point, in this simply packaged collection of dusty, fractured and warped repurposed art. Readymades that just needed time to be readily made.


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