♫♪  Fossil Aerosol Mining Project - “Emptying the Village”

What we have here is a heady brew of ambient, drone, and smeared glacial folk from the mysterious outfit Fossil Aerosol Mining Project. Their latest release, The Recounting of Night Time, dropped in November 2018 on the ever impressive Helen Scarsdale Agency. Fossil Aerosol’s sounds complement another Helen Scarsdale release of 2018, Ekin Fil’s Maps, which also utilized distorted guitars and ambient flutters to reproduce a feeling of impermanence and decay. Fossil Aerosol forgo the vocals, which makes for an unsettling vibe that’s best represented on “Emptying the Village,” a solitary walk through burned out fragments of memory that flicker like a candle. Hit the lights, lay back, and dig deep into this somnambulant marvel. The Recounting of Night Time is available now, in digital and CD editions.

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