Good Willsmith
Is the Food Your Family Eats Slowly [CS; Hausu Mountain]

“Bands just don’t make complete albums anymore.” A miserably ignorant statement (similar to thoughts along the “Music isn’t good anymore” bullshit spectrum) that Good Willsmith eradicate with Is the Food Your Family Eats Slowly. Although we’ve had one miserable Matt Damon/Will Smith mashup in the form of Bagger Vance, this promises no Jazzy Jeff and Ben Affleck carryover to dilute the talent pool — a poor name for a well-thought-out and eerily COMPLETE album. The apocalyptic drone and electronic thunderstorms build upon each other like Panabrite without some of the harsh edges and fidgety detours. This is focused and bred for premium punch. Some real Jason Bourne, Mike Lowrey shit. This is a soundtrack to brawn that will need franchising.


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