Dustin Wong, Takako Minekawa, and Good Willsmith collab 2 da max on new improv LP for Umor Rex

Dustin Wong, Takako Minekawa, and Good Willsmith collab 2 da max on new improv LP for Umor Rex

Ugh. I just HATE having to listen to one artist’s goddamn album at a time, don’t you? I just get this feeling like: there’s so many great records out there that I’ll NEVER have time to really dig-in and get intimate with nearly enough of them — hell, I barely have time to listen to enough digital snippets from them to impressively namedrop them in front of my hipster-idiot friends!

Luckily, Umor Rex has got my back. They’ve just announced the impending release of Exit Future Heart — a three-for-one MONSTER consisting of “improvised sessions by the conjoined ensemble of Tokyo-based abstract pop duo Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa and Chicago’s free music trio Good Willsmith.”

Recorded entirely live at Good Willsmith’s cozy, Chicago digs over the course of a single night when Wong and Minekawa were passing through on tour, the six-track free-for-all “showcases a program of spontaneous compositions that flow through mutated tropes of rock music, focused ambient/kosmische synthesis, and expanses of raw textural sculpting. The singular performance styles and improvisatory gestures of each member of the quintet fuse into a delicate interplay charged more by open spaces and deep listening than by overload or abandon.” Uh…hell YES, please. How’s that for “bang for the buck?”

Speaking of bucks, Exit Future Heart will be available in both limited-edition vinyl and and digital iterations when it arrives on May 11; but since I’m all about cutting as many corners as possible when it comes to expanding my musical cred, I think i’m just going to pre-order Exit Future Heart right here, right NOW and stream the album’s first taste “擬感情物語” (Gikanjoumonogatari) down below. That way, I’ll have the EDGE, baby.

Exit Future Heart tracklisting:

01. The Garden of Earthly Flanger
02. Plastic Skin
03. AIの名
04. 擬感情物語
05. Happiness Can’t Be Described By A Visible Color
06. 切ない

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