Apparitions Just Outside the View [CS; Ginjoha]

We’ve all found ourselves afloat in a body of water, readily accepting the hand dealt to us by fate, God, Satan, the man — it’s life. But in this moment, with the cool water lifting our relaxed body, it doesn’t matter. The good, the bad — it all washes away. It is beyond the physical world; we have entered the metaphysical. Apparitions Just Outside the View is the sound embodiment of the -ness. What makes us who were are, what makes the world what it is. It’s jargon for poets and philosophers to volley toward the artistic void. You feel it when it’s just you and weightlessness. Hakobune feels you and your weightlessness and transforms it into the -ness. All your questions are answered in the meditative drones, as Hakobune asks better, more intuitive questions. This has nothing to do with the spectral and everything to do with the spiritual. However you worship, whomever you follow, ditch it for the -ness. The -ness knows all.

Links: Hakobune - Ginjoha


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