Constellation Tatsu sets its sights on a new batch of tapes from Sofie Birch, Hakobune, and Thyme Lines

Constellation Tatsu sets its sights on a new batch of tapes from Sofie Birch, Hakobune, and Thyme Lines

When someone suggests you “take a chill pill,” what they actually mean is to ingest a couple doses of chill, exploratory ambient jams and call them in the morning if symptoms persist. One such purveyor of said jams is Oakland’s Constellation Tatsu, who are once again blessing our holiday season with a trio of mellow tunes to sooth the soul after spending hours with family who consistently drive you bonkers (I guess I should speak for myself, since I don’t know anything about you!).

The batch is made up of new and familiar names to the Tatsu lineup. Copenhagen artist Sofie Birch delivers “a fantasy of cosmic proportions, spread across dimensions, with so much to discover in between” on Island Alchemy. Japanese drone maestro Hakobune (Takahiro Yorifuji) must have pulled an all nighter while prepping rain studies, a collection of hypnotic guitar drones which sculpt what the label describes as “sonic landscapes.” And lastly, French duo Thyme Lines (Sébastien Durand and Pascal Nyiri) have an album that “blends flute and electronics in a new-age, psych, lo-fi and ethnic way” which forces me to throw out my newsboy objectivity and exclaim, “Jackpot, baby!” Geodesists is an improvised ten-track cassette proving, once and for all, that the flute is cool and should be celebrated.

Constellation Tatsu’s Fall Batch is available TODAY. You can head to Tatsu’s Bandcamp and order the full batch here, and scroll down to see the album tracklistings and a sample from each. Shine on, you crazy diamonds!

Island Alchemy tracklisting:

01. Driving Towards The Deaths Mycelium
02. Myg
03. Loph
04. Net(Neverendingthing)
05. Mu Evans
06. Slow Piru

rain studies tracklisting:

01. suiu
02. ekiu
03. tenkyuu
04. kouu
05. hisame
06. seiu

Geodesists tracklisting:

01. Tone Float (Opening)
02. Lazaretto
03. Underluude
04. Thyme Vibes (1)
05. Dive No Diva Land
06. Bane Lao Night Tempel
07. Earth Call for LFO & Flute
08. Visiting
09. Thyme Vibes (II)
10. Ecliptoid

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