Evergreen/Faraway [CS; Avant Archive]

Here lies convincing evidence Hakobune is not from this world, but rather exists as a newly modified version of E.T. phoning home. Evergreen/Faraway unfolds like serene Morse, enveloping the room one air particle at a time. Soon the music begins to spread beyond its origin, expressing itself in the ether of space and reconnecting Hakobune to his family and friends in the great beyond. “Evergreen” is a calm status report, the gentle drone being broken up by droplets of sentimentality, as Hakobune waxes happily about the majestic wonders of Earth. Rather than focus on human nature and the depletion of resources, Hakobune speaks to the beauty of it all. It’s a lengthy transmission but one that Earthlings need to intercept. “Faraway” follows the radio signal into the atmosphere as it begins its travels into the great beyond; the intricacies of the message come to the surface as galactic travel begins to wear on the lilting words of wisdom.


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