Heat Dust
Heat Dust [10-inch; Texas is Funny]

I can manage to hold onto hope, by a winnowing thread, as long as there are still bands threshing it out the way Heat Dust do via their self-titled 10-inch (pressed onto clear-with-black-core vinyl, same as the first edition of that Wired Open Day record on Taiga; YES). This could have SO easily retreated into decent-but-not-worthy-of-escaping-the-small-town-where-they’re-from territory, and it doesn’t happen by dint of a few key factors. First, they sing in tune but not too in tune, and they aren’t afraid of crafting a careful melody. Second, they pay tribute Dinosaur Jr without being too slavish about it. Third(ly), Heat Dust truck in riffs that crowd the mix just enough. And what’s up with that cover art? It’s like a super-deep-indie-magic version of those old, much-revered black-metal cover photos.


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