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Noise-makers Heat Dust, which features four dudes from New Orleans, are releasing their self-titled debut September 25 on the dark lord label The Flenser (Wreck And Reference, Have A Nice Life, Black Wing). These dudes, who probably go by their individual names of Clayton Hunt, Shawn Tabor, Christopher Stein, and Jasper den Hartigh, have been kicking up dirt since 2011 and are looking to coat anything and everything with grim, controlled resonance. The album was originally self-released on cassette by the band in March and is technically their second self-titled record, but it holds strong as their first full-length vinyl output, an output seeded in post-punk’s crux and instilled with dead-eye nihilism. Heat Dust isn’t a debut as mush as a house down the road that went unseen until it lit up in flames.

Tiny Mix Tapes has the pleasure of premiering Heat Dust in full. Check it out here:

Pre-order Heat Dust from The Flenser and catch Heat Dust on tour with Thou and The Body throughout October.

[Photo: Alex Payne]

• Heat Dust: http://heatdustband.tumblr.com
• The Flenser: http://nowflensing.com

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