Helena Hauff
A Tape [CS; Handmade Birds]

I’d like to personally thank Helena Hauff and Handmade Birds because I could have SWORN I was getting into another drone debacle with this one. I could smell it. And once again, care of the label (and don’t forget, it’s run by that guy from Pyramids, another project that astounds me) that always mind-fucks me, I’ve got another burner on my hands that resists easy shelving. A Taperawks it with big, bouncy beats, synths that tell time, hand-clappage, and, as with most electronic musics, manipulations that spare us the redundancy of too much robotic thinking. It’s vexing because I know of a lot of electronic acts in the same vein but none that make sense in the context of this particular review. Helena Hauff meddles with her wares too much like a noise musician to be considered a traditional DJ, which is… actually a great problem to have, especially when, near the end of Side A, an angelic cloud of sound hovers through and drips some drone and pin-prick synth sequencing on us; heavenly.


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