PAN announces release of Helena Hauff and F#X’s first Black Sites EP, just as you predicted

PAN announces release of Helena Hauff and F#X’s first Black Sites EP, just as you predicted

PAN, the wonderfully classy label whose album design is almost worth the price of admission alone, is releasing an EP by Black Sites, a Wonder Twins-style teamup of DJs Helena Hauff and F#X. The more cautious and wise among TMT readers may want some background on these folks before scooping up this slab of vinyl in August. What follows will hopefully provide that insight for the discerning reader.

Helena Hauff is a DJ/producer/what-have-you whose impeccable DJ sets, flavored through with experimental sounds, are getting her noticed by the likes of The Wire and Blackest Ever Black. So, she’s something to keep an eye on.

F#X screws with Google too much to find out what or who it really is. Top results indicate that it may be a Korean girl group, although this can be ruled out almost immediately. But, since it’s all we have to go on, lets just go ahead and say it’s an all-female Korean pop group and that the Black Sites Prototype EP is going to be some kind of bubble gum and EDM mashup that will be popping people’s lids from coast to coast. This is a completely erroneous statement, but don’t let that kill the dream.

Okay, here’s what’s more likely: F#X and Helena Hauff are both resident DJs at “The Golden Pudel” in Hamburg, and this EP is going be an amalgamation of their individual tastes and styles. Go ahead and listen to a cut off the EP below and decide for yourself if it’s the product of a drunken night between bubble-gum pop and EDM or two rising DJs using their combined powers for the good of mankind.

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