Ghost Archive [CS; Dream Disc]

Indek, aka Jeremy Bible, aka The Experimedia Guy, has gone a bit, in the tongue of How Did This Get Made (hint: podcast), bonkers. Ghost Archive ping-pongs across the speakers all the live-long day without a hint of the continental drift I’ve long associated with his label and compatriots. I’m absolutely loving this, all Secret Mommy-ish in its playful jack-hammering yet open to any and all ideas, almost all of which seem to get explored at one juncture or another. Bible is actually even Master Blaster-ing it at one point, for you Nintendo people (I’m all about references tonight) pulling the trigger on liquid guns and letting their fallout glimmer in faded greens and golds. Shit, I feel like I’ve said what I needed to say; you need this. But my job is literally never quite done, is it? You need more proof, methinks; yep, I can feel it. Well, do me a favor: Go to the BandCamp link provided below and click on “Mech Ranger.” Notice how the crinkly effects (I have no idea how these sounds were conjured up) scrape and bleed on the speakers like rabid dogs, attacking with computer precision and the intensity of a small but hellish tornado. It’s like a scientist is throwing around beakers in a mad dash to cure the audio dregs, eventually whirling together a formidable cone of concentric dissonance. If you hear the alien voices amid the static-y din it means you’re one of them. I think. There’s also a tape on White Reeves Productions you should check out. I haven’t had the chance yet but I’m stoked to dip into another one of this dude’s fascinating aural riddles. God, only 50 of these? Really? And yet it’s still available, for some reason. If you dig on Andy Ortmann’s stuff in particular, jump into this Ghost Archive and mine it for all its worth. Another triumph for that Bible fellow, another delightful day at the office for yours truly.

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