♫♪  Indek - Ghost Archive

After September’s release of Tlaotlon’s Viper FBX, Dream Disc spent a few weeks waving around a wood stave and slamming it on the floor like a geeked wizard. There were complaints from neighbors about the amount of fun they weren’t having and it became an HOA ordeal, so Dream Disc sold the stave and logged back on Bandcamp with the password “sci_fi_nihilist.” Touching a wall poster of Geordi with one hand and the upload button with the other, Dream Disc added Indek’s Ghost Archive to its own archives. A side project of long-standing omnicreative Jeremy Bible, Indek came to light back in March through two broken IDM-minded albums. Where Ghost Archive fits and expands the tripped up sound of Indek is one in the same. The post-industrial soundscapes are morphic sentients, aware and unconcerned with the channels and spaces it passes through. It’s like a fleet of ghost ships strewn about the seven oceans live streaming each other the interdimensional short fiction they’re working on.

Ghost Archive is available on digital and cassette.

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