ABABABABABABAS (Blue Lion Child) [LP; Further]

Hans Dens, nee Innercity, takes to exp-drone with a dark-ambient drill, hollowing out the dullness and injecting it with wriggling new life that will earworm its way into your brain. The impossibly titled ABABABABABABAS (Blue Lion Child) is chopped into disparate song titles but never deviates from the mission at hand; it’s a singular movement, directed to the tunnels of the electronic underground. Dens is a restless soul, not at all content to leave much to chance, his angry drifts reminiscent of some of those great LPs on the now-defunct/much-missed Fedora Corpse label. There’s a drama inherent as well, a nagging feeling of tension that can’t be taught and damn well can’t be discerned by this reviewer. It’s as if a figure is waiting behind the curtains of noise, ready to make good on all those bad trips you had back in high school. A hard bump or two of bass intrude on Side B, hinting at more to come, but no, instead a choppy guitar feature (or maybe, not?) overtakes the still-churning ambient static. This is all well and good; I’m drawn, however, to the tidal waves of soot blackening the edges of tracks like “Raragrams” the most; that and the overall grandeur of “Masks and Mold Matter,” a fascinatingly warble-y sound experiment I’d like to view under a slide, redolent of Mudboy’s collaborative LP on Hundebiss. If the Further chatter has escaped you ABABABABABABAS (Blue Lion Child) is an apt spot to drop yr anchor, and let me tell you, there isn’t much time left to visit the Innercity (32 copies of the limited-edition version of this LP last I checked). See that you do.

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