♫♪  INNERCITY - Hyle & Apophis

Hyle and Apophis

I’m sorta in love with Hans Dens. But as of recently, he added two more players to the INNERCITY line up: De Paepe & Colohan. Thus, now it’s much more of a ritual than spaced out. With twin releases Hyle and Apophis, it’s like INNERCITY — throughout different points in the creation of both — opened up multiple dimensional portals during each recording session and had one alien life form interact with another completely alien-alien life form. You can hear these creatures clearly fighting and incantating and dying in ever track. Is this what goes on in the depths of European urban basements throughout the vivid country? Are people just capturing alien life via dark matter smashed against sonic textures? Where do they put the carcass once everything has settled and everyone is hungry from the recording ‘sesh? Like, “Let’s go get some mashed…. wait — Fuck, the intergalactic demon body on the floor is twitching. Any ideas on how to get it up the stairs without my landlord freaking out?”

Hyle and Apophis are coming out on Dens’ label Amnesia Agency sometime, I assume, as it mentions “Amnesia Agency 2014” at the bottom of the INNERCITY Bandcamp page. Maybe it’s for the best to leave our evils in the past, thus it seems more than appropriate for Amnesia Agency to pop off these two wicked summoners of albums. Listen to both below and keep on that physical sale look-out!



• INNERCITY: http://innercity.bandcamp.com

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