Jason Lescalleet
How To Not Do It [CS; Chondritic Sound]

Chrondritic Sound steps out of the shadows after a brief hiatus with this new curiosity (already in its second pressing) from the perpetually consistent Jason Lescalleet. Side A begins this audacious journey immersed in mangled magnetics, splattering water, conversations in foreign languages, sensual whispers, furious answering machine rants, and elusive drones. This pastiche of arresting concrete veers notably beyond Lescalleet’s frequent focus on absorbing, ponderous drones, instead becoming something of a slyly Dadaist patchwork in the manner of Nurse With Wound’s Gyllensköld, Geijerstam And I At Rydberg’s or even Luc Ferrari’s sound operas. The flip side further confounds, centering itself on a screwed-out manipulation of Manfred Mann’s recording of “Blinded By The Light,” winkingly emphasizing the song’s underlying sleaziness, especially in regards to that infamously misunderstood line (you know the one). All in all, How To Not Do It acts as a fascinating take on Lescalleet’s familiar tape-music explorations, perhaps all the more compelling for those who’ve been following his work over the 00s with a meticulous gaze. It’s all rather far removed from the gorgeous drone of his last cassette, 2010’s Music For Magnetic Tape, but it stands as an aptly constructed handling of the format nonetheless.


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