Wave Lair [12-inch; These Are Not Records]

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought to myself, “Damn, this sounds like Brocade” since Landing dropped the deceivingly effective, minimal post-prog full-length in 2005. While Wave Lair doesn’t sound anything like the work I’ve heard from the now-trio in the past, it retains the subtle nuance and delicate drift I’ve always ascribed to them. The final cut, an 18-minute thumper and title track, tells the story best: It’s lonely out in the desert, and since we’re not in a hurry let’s make the best of it. Jessica Bailiff-esque vocals join in soon, and while a few of the synth trills are a bit obnoxious, the atmosphere is ripe for the melting of minds as more of those bass-y, processed beats churn underneath. Later on, as the track is petering out, droning strings and throbbing bass form the crust of an underworld excursion that yields the best results, the rhythms kicking and hitching and chugging. This one came out in December 2012 so don’t feel bad if you missed it; just rectify the situation. I’ll wait.


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