♫♪  Landing - “Heart Finds the Beat”

Don’t be fooled by the name of the band or the fact that the group has serious ties to shoegaze with hints of dark pleasure pop like The Cure, Slowdive, Pale Saints, or any of that stuff that peers, plays, and pounds decidedly downward into the concrete below. Yes, yes, it’s all here: haunted melodies, the brooding groove, the heart-pumping pulse. But Landing does little work on the ground. Landing, paradoxically, spends most of its time not landing. They are constantly lifting off, soaring ever higher, ever farther into the outer reaches. To listen is to feel the cool winds whistling by, the wetness of enveloping clouds, and the unending freedom of the outstretched blue. Wispy vocals, crispy drums, driving bass, and the mix just soaking in an ocean of reverb all make “Heart Finds the Beat” quite the aerial swim.

This track is the first single from the band’s new self-titled LP, which is out this month on Geographic North and may be pre-ordered from the label right this very minute.

• Landing: http://www.landingsite.net
• Geographic North: http://geographic-north.com

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