Hypersecret [CS; Animal Image Search]

In this day and age, people should refuse the phrase “day and age.” Check it, th’oh: modern singer/songwriters attain originality through distributing a familiar character that only pertains to the artist being 100% involved in their music. Examples: Lil B or Savage Young Taterbug direct their own style of music, implement it within their recording process, instruments, and confines of character, and using any means of modern distribution. Distribution being the internet creating a hugely false sense of community to everyone on it. Familiar, yet personalized character being what sets these artists aside from any other DIY-style musicians, encompassing the modern-day singer/songwriter persona. Character, as in who they replicate: Lil B being someone’s little brother, and Savage Young Taterbug being the uncle who creeps kids at gas stations. Thus, rookie Lockbox is characterizing youth submitting to infinity. Maybe he is. Maybe all these people, one day, will have trouble describing who they were or will have trouble finding their music and information on it. Don’t search here; this is just my imagination puking. Back the fuck up, future!


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