Walk on Heads [7-inch; Blind Prophet]

Just try to resist Lower if you dig Dischord, straddling punk and hardcore, and steady streams of energy; go ahead, give it a whirl. Walk on Heads is beholden to Fugazi & the gang, while other more current acts like Shearing Pinx are invited to the party too. If this is where spindly post-punk-mixed-with-hardcore is going, I’m signed, sealed, and delivered, as Lower rip shit up while staying in complete control. The urgency and intensity is there, released slowly over the course of a track rather than in fragmentary bursts. Heavy vinyl, jacketed by an image that, again, reminds me of the old days, the dog days, the good days. Lower aren’t quite Okie Dokie, but that’s not where they’re going.

Links: Blind Prophet


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