Posh Isolation dropping new releases from Body Sculptures & Yen Towers

Posh Isolation dropping new releases from Body Sculptures & Yen Towers

Summer is the perfect time for icy Scandinavian experimental music, especially if you don’t have air conditioning. Fortunately, fans of the eternally cool Posh Isolation label (founded by Loke Rahbek of Damien Dubrovnik, Lust for Youth, and Croation Amor) can cop a couple new releases from Body Sculptures and Yen Towers, out June 3.

Body Sculptures is a collaboration between Posh Isolation and Sweden’s Northern Electronics label (co-owned by Varg’s Jonas Rönnberg), a veritable “who’s who” of brilliant Euro minds, featuring composer Erik Enocksson, Puce Mary’s Frederikke Hoffmeier, Vit Fana’s Ossian Ohlsson plus Rahbek and Rönnberg. They made their live debut at last year’s Berlin Atonal Festival, released a record called The Base Of All Beauty Is The Body, and are now back with A Body Turns To Eden. You can preview the title track here:

Also in the works is a new 12-inch from Yen Towers, a.k.a. Simon Formann, the Copenhagen artist who figures prominently in Lower and Age Coin. Bidders Must Justify Their Price combines clubbing and the corporate business world into one dark dancefloor filler (or leaver, depending on who your audience is, I suppose.) Stream it here, you capitalist pig.

Body Sculptures, A Body Turns To Eden tracklisting:

01. Breath of Wind Sows the Seed
02. A Body Turns To Eden
03. Feet Into Soil
04. On the flowers Face
05. The Pyre
06. Turning Field
07. Turning Field ll Sunflower
08. Scorched Earth
09. A Collection of Ceramic Vases (Yves Saint Laurent buried in the Garden of
his Marrakesh home)

Yen Towers, Bidders Must Justify Their Price tracklisting:

A1. BID l (Bug)
A2. BID ll (Trench)
B1. BID lll
B2. SV22.33+V1

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