Lust for Youth
Chasing the Light [12-inch; Sacred Bones]

As someone in total loathing with much of 80s pop culture (exceptions: Max Headroom, Pinwheel, and Hall & Oates), sometimes it takes but one modern act coping a handful of the scene to make me rethink my position….nope, still hate the decade and any Bret Ellis Easton romantic visions thereof. But that doesn’t mean I hate Lust for Youth, who in the span of two tracks (and a remix) on this steaming 12-inch let me mold those better-lost ten years into something more glorious and dark on the surface than it puts on. Title track “Chasing the Light” is repetitive dance run amok. A sad but relentless Joy Division spirit runs deep, my mascara drizzling down my red cheeks lost in rhythmic hedonism. B-side “Can You Come Closer” is much the same—a continuation of the same thought lost in the downward spiral of 80s club culture in its truest form. Debbie and Tiffany snorting blow in the bathroom, Wang Chung tapping feet in the the stalls.


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