Lust for Youth side-project Kyo releases sophomore album on Posh Isolation

Lust for Youth side-project Kyo releases sophomore album on Posh Isolation

When they’re not busy tweeting, bathing in champagne, and touring the globe, the men of Lust for Youth can sometimes be found doing other things — namely, making music of different genres, under different names. In case you haven’t guessed by now, that’s what this news story is about. LFY’s Hannes Norrvide has partnered with Denmark’s Frederik Valentin to become Kyo, an experimental duo featuring electronics, synth, free-jazz-style drumming, woodwind, and piano. Their debut Potentiel Musik was released via fellow LFY member/label boss Loke Rahbek’s Posh Isolation label and — SHOCKER — Kyo’s followup Aktuel Musik was also just released by Posh Isolation.

The album’s effect is haunting, evoking (fittingly) urban isolation, dissonance, and a slight unease. Muted field recordings float above the sonic textures, propelled by aching strings, moody synth washes and lush fragmented melodies. I’d give you a tracklisting, but every track is named “Untitled.”

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