LX Sweat
Sweat Sweat Sweat [CS; Not Not Fun]

This is DJ Bone and you’re listening to HOTT 101.5. Hope you’re keeping cool in the summer sun, and if you’re not, enjoy the piss and spittle of the community pool as we play the HOTTEST hits of 1987. Coming up this hour we have Cameo, Lisa Lisa & the Cult Jam, and Jermaine Stewart, but first we have the latest groove sweeping the nation: From the ghetto blasters of Not Not Fun comes LX Sweat, dripping his Deutsche musk all across our doughy faces. This is a HOOOTTTT JAM that will make panties drop as Pat Robertson and Fred Phelps make love to each other in the bathroom of the Blue Oyster. Don’t forget to take a puff and grab a snort before making your way back to the dance floors, as the grimy haze of LX Sweat soaks your XXXL muscle tee. Here it is, the HOOOOTTTTTEEEESSSSTTTT new tape on the R&B radar, Sweat Sweat Sweat only on HOTT 101.5…

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