♫♪  LX Sweat - “V.I.P. L.I.F.E.”

Straight up: you’re sitting in traffic, shit’s sweltering hot in the noon sun, and the beach is minutes away. However, the highway has been a parking lot for the past three hours, your tires are melting to the pavement, and vicarious thoughts are at an all-time high. “V.I.P. L.I.F.E.” by LX Sweat pops on and on and on, and it becomes almost a mantra to your thought capacity in terms of cool-breeze nights in July. The open window next to you shouts out a hair surrounded mouth, “Давайте это дерьмо двигаться!” Which is exactly what you think it means. Ripping yourself from the driver seat only shows a shadow of sweat haunting your comfort. Your phone has shut itself because of the heat, and has pretty much spit in your eyes. Oh. No, actually. And you wipe the sweat out your eyes. Cranking “V.I.P. L.I.F.E.” for the 5th or 50th time drowns out the honks and yells. But as the track comes to an end, you find the “Don’t stop get-it-get-it” lyrics have contradicted itself, and the portion of that highway you’re on has silenced and is looking at your car 8 1/2 style. You turn it down and announce, “This is the only track I got from the new LX Sweat LP City of Sweat, and it don’t come out until July 29 on Not Not Fun Records.” Only none of this happened once you find out the traffic was due to a fender bender, and you’re on the beach blasting Sweat Sweat Sweat, dreaming of City of Sweat.

“Hi!” she says, a stranger.
“Hi!” you shake her hand as she sits.

• LX Sweat: https://soundcloud.com/lxsweat
• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com

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