Mad Nanna
I Wanna See You [7-inch; Soft Abuse]

Yeah, I dig Mad Nanna. A lot. I mean, like A LOT!

So it comes as no surprise that I lose my shit over more Mad Nanna. The guys just trashed the United States and though I didn’t make it out to see them (adulthood being a bummer), I shall live vicariously through their tightest musical excursion. Of course, tightness is relative and this isn’t the hot dog down the hallway melodies of Mad Nanna’s past (ignoring the wide open “solo” of “The Nectarine Tree”) though they skimp on the lyrics. “I Wanna See You” is largely a drunken recitation of its title, with just enough of the clear headed brilliance we all endure before the puke that ends our glorious pisser. Though I’ve sobered up and arguably have grown up, it doesn’t mean I don’t like to mix it up and Mad Nanna allows me that brief satisfaction in 6 minutes of brittle rock and roll. So if they keep producing scraps, I will continue to beg for them. I am a man after all, and I have needs!


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