Mad Nanna
My Two Kids [7-inch; Soft Abuse]

Self-titled A side is loud, overpowering pop-rock from our favorite Melbourne personalities (that don’t mix it up with Fuifui Moimoi). It’s the counterclockwise version of Pavement (hello rumored Australian resident Spiral Stairs), more slop than structure but it’s still as catchy and slacker-fun as the dusty old outfit. B-side “I’m Not Coming Here” is more of the same but there’s a stronger energy, as if the cloud is lifting in the basement and there’s fun in playing again. Perhaps you’ll even feel the need to pick up the nearest guitar and strum a bit. Maybe grab that empty bucket of pickles and beat on it with less enthusiasm than NYC street performers. In the end, you’ll match the timbre of Mad Nanna but you’ll still need to harvest the soul. No one’s got more soul, more of a can-do-even-if-we-can’t attitude. It’s why I love Mad Nanna and always will until they break my heart once and for all, with one final drag and a kiss-off.


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