Ghosts & Versions [12-inch; Lo Bit Landscapes]

Nihiti’s For Ostland LP fell through the cracks for a lot of punters and shouldn’t have. Ghosts & Versions attempts to remedy that while allowing a few labelmates to get their remix fix on. It’s always a risky proposition putting a project like this (four recasts versions of the same song) on wax — clear and smoky no less — so I’m glad it worked out. National Park System toss out a redux that finds an odd place between the helium alien voices of Joe Meek and euphoric electronica. Mark Verbos is less successful, linking club beats to whatever he decided to keep of the original mix. Not so bad if you think about it playing in the dark at a roller rink though. Hrdvsion rent out a hardline bass attack that takes no fucking prisoners, like Metasplice and a Warp artist grimacing at each other. Every off-beat hits like a boot-kick to the belly. Zebrablood steal the show, perhaps understanding Nihiti’s original mission best with an aggressive, door-knocking beat and synths sequences that bounce around and lock together like liquid puzzle pieces. This is what your grandkids are going to commit crimes to; the hard stuff.


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