♫♪  Nihiti - “Ghosts and Lovers” (Marissa Nadler cover)

Holy shit, I love Marissa Nadler. Hmm, I forgot “covers” are adaptations. Well, let’s check it. Am I feeling the same haunt as the original? I suppose. Oh, shit, now I’m getting ex-lover flashbacks. Wait, that’s right, this off her poppy’er album, so, okay — I get it; I’m not into it. This is fun too, if you like tidal electronics. The pop of “Ghosts and Lovers” emerges only in subtle waves in this cover track. And then it gets all “Wiiiiii-Fiiiiiii” repetitive at the end, because I’m not exactly sure about the vocals. Maybe this track would work best if you re-up’d with Oxycontin. Or just leaving the dentist’s office. But, you know * shakes hand sideways* this track is like that. I’d be tied in at first, if played on the radio, but turn it soon after its persistent snooze-effect sets in.

• Nihiti: http://soundcloud.com/nihiti

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