Nils Quak
Tage Später Sind Es Jahre [CS; Cosmic Winnetou]

Some ear-drum drilling drones from Nils Quak, sorcerer responsible for conjuring up the mighty electric winds found on this new issue for Cosmic Winnetou. I’ve blazed my way across this journey a number of times, but it’s only now on some nice headphones that this one is really accessing my imagination, so fair warning that this is no casual ambient affair we’re dealing with. Tage Später Sind Es Jahre (or “Days Later Years Are There”) on speakers can be deceptively flat — this is more detailed and involved, a spatially immersive area in need of investigation, which of course requires some private concentration. Its sprawl, while wide and sweeping, is also direct and concentrated, focused and zeroed in on digging past your defenses, taking you by the pineal eye through a network of inter-dimensional space-time portals. So just let it do that, throw on the decent cans and watch the twisting electrics eels of sound on side B spiral directly into the brain. This is a paralyzing event, a slow-motion attack overriding the circuitry of your mind with its throbbing strobes of electrons and surging waves of the cosmic tide. Things crumble toward the latter portion of each side into glitchy, gurgling crunches of audio, scenarios established by a knob that’s been twisted just-so — that’s Quak hovering above there, peering down into this universe over his spectacles, sweeping up the glorious worlds of harmony into dusty piles of rubble.


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