There is a flaw in my iris [CS; A Giant Fern]

Ask longtime friends and they’ll tell you it’s a rare situation when I have nothing to say. I’ve toned down my loud, continuous speech as I’ve gotten older but I still can’t make myself not be apart of any conversation among friends. I am an attentive listener, however, which may explain how I came to this profession. A love of words I would never say in real life, tied to the observations I hear and the ones I speak. øjeRum is most definitely a listener. Very attuned to the feelings underneath what we say and project. When he does speak, its gently but he’s better with a j-card canvas and a beautifully tuned guitar that captures both the sparkle and fade. It is no coincidence There is a flaw in my iris captures the flawlessness in noted flaws. Those unique blemishes that we show only with those we are closest. It’s why we need øjeRum; the ugly into the romantic. My booming need of voice given a depth and solitude.


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