♫♪  Various Artists (Norelco Mori 001) - Compilation 001

I don’t have much time for podcasts these days, but when I do, I like to zone out to the dulcet tones of The Felske Files’s John Stolnis as he waxes with great insight at The Good Phight about the current state of my beloved Philadelphia Phillies. But for those of you who aren’t as weirdly psychotic as me about the local nine, and for those of you reading this who are much more likely to tune in to a podcast that plays, I dunno, experimental music released on cassette or something, let me suggest the super cool Norelco Mori. You won’t be disappointed.

But we’re not just here to praise Norelco Mori’s podcastular acumen — not by a long shot! Turns out that, just like any good music podcast worth its salt, ol’ NM has primed its pump as a cassette label and set the gears in motion for its first release. And just like any good cassette label worth its salt, catalog number 001 is a compilation1 of swell experimental/ambient/electronic artists who also happen to be buddies with label head Ted James Butler. Who also happens to record as Head Dress. Who has track number 5 on Compilation 001 on lockdown. Circle of life.

So come for the podcast, stay for the … well, it’s really a cassette extension of the podcast at this point. Because most of these artists have appeared on it. But now you get to hear them as God intended: through good speakers, not the ones in your computer or your crummy earbuds! Check out the full tracklist after the embed of Sequences’ “The Expanding Delta (A Recapitulation)” below, then preorder this like you’re NOT a knucklehead. Out January 23.


1. b.lind - Reliefplatten
2. øjeRum - Falder Sovende Ind I Dyrets Mund
3. Desroi - Ghost Of Romance In June
4. Grozny Penthouse - Joshua
5. Head Dress - Ladder
6. Lower Tar - Feed The Call (From A Market In Tel Aviv)
7. Con Cetta - Strike A Balance, Study, Subject To Call
8. Sequences - The Expanding Delta (A Recapitulation) 07:47
9. Tom Hall - Past Impressions
10. Sleep Clinic - Korsa02Section10Edit1
11. Grøn - Azure Blue Sky

1. Seriously, if The Good Phight ever decided to release a cassette compilation of Harry Kalas game calls, I’d be really tempted to buy it.

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