Resurrection Wars [2xCS; Los Discos Enfantasmes]

It’s good to be challenged, but it’s also nice to get what you want. Music such as that of Pengo used to challenge me, but now it’s just what I want. Fuckin’ A!! But seriously, it’s like entering the room with a hail of gunfire when you lead off your (double) tape like this, blistering the ear-holes with withering effects and HUGE chunks of arctic bass and laser-sharp synth metrics. The extra ingredient is care. Side B is more of a mellow-gold trot, led by dapper drums, watery blurts of strange noise, de-tuned guitar, and a prevailing rule: each instrument must drop in and out of the mix at random times then reappear like a stalker ex-girlfriend back from the dead. Soon we’re headed down a spiral staircase of the mind, escorted by lonely guitar figures and Doug Yule bass. This is where Resurrection Wars swallows your mind whole, never to let go. Seventy-five copies to hold and cherish; or just one, if you hurry.


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