First-Ever Trip Metal Fest to feature Wolf Eyes, Morton Subotnick, Caroliner, Aaron Dilloway

First-Ever Trip Metal Fest to feature Wolf Eyes, Morton Subotnick, Caroliner, Aaron Dilloway
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Upon your initial acquaintance with the phrase “trip metal,” did your inability to come up with a precise definition leave your head spinning more than a Foucault essay subsequent to multiple tequila shots? Are the reliably pulsing sounds of the concurrent Movement in Detroit not enough to satisfy your appreciation for all electronic sub-genres? The upcoming Trip Metal Fest may be for you, then, and what was previously only hushed about around last September has become an experimental certainty, now that a good portion of the lineup has been revealed in a Nate Young/TMF interview over here.

Before I highlight that, though, the nitty gritty: Trip Metal Fest will take place in Detroit Memorial Day weekend (May 27-29), and Nate Young is the principal guy putting it on.

Young joins Viki Victoria and Forest Juziuk in presenting the following initial list of performers: Aaron Dilloway, Hieroglyphic Being, Wolf Eyes, Drainolith, AWK, Nautical Almanac, Viki, Magas, Michigan Underground Group, Lexie Mountain, DJ Dog Dick, Pengo, Sun Ra Arkestra, Rubber O Cement, and Panicsville. Then there’s Morton Subotnick, who’s overseen and participated in the evolution of electronic music since before the release of his ultimately classic Silver Apples of the Moon in 1967, and vocalist ____ a.k.a. ___ from Bay Area concept band Caroliner. Pretty sure you shouldn’t have expectations for the latter’s performance.

Performances in general will take place at El Club, a venue awaiting opening, and Q&A sessions will be hosted at Trinosophes. Single-day passes are $20 just for the performances, $10 for the Q&As, and full event passes are selling for $75 over yonder.

Link to the Trip Metal Fest website

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