One Buck [CS; Pretty All Right]

I was thinking Potions’ One Buck cassette was going to be one long mouth movie circa Babe, Terror at first. Then the beat kicked in, and a strange calm took over my house as the Corpus Christi wind blew harder than Louis Armstrong in the background. So it’s like that, eh? Hmmmm. I prefer their more ambient moments, where tiny bells bounce off vast expanses of drifting-cloud tones. But stuff yr worries in a sack, mister, because the more bombastic stretches are acceptable as well, though the cheesy drip-drip gets a little scalding after awhile. Sort of like CFCF, old Daft Punk, and Aphex mixing serums, but a relatively inexperienced 12-year-old is manning the beat box: One Buck sounds good, but not too good, if you get me. A lot of different approaches are undertaken, not all of them successful, so fast-forward to the liquid-smooth formula adhered to late on Side A when you first get this, then proceed from there.


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