Pulse Emitter
Equinox [CS; Constellation Tatsu]

Who would have thought years ago that some of the synth effects we were hearing in the background of Tears For Fears tunes and that cut from the The Goonies soundtrack would be a focal element of so many underground LPs and tapes? I’m not complaining, either. I keep telling myself I won’t write about synth artists that have released a shit-glut of tapes and LPs on like two-dozen different labels, but what can I do when my spirit continues to be compelled despite its deep reservations about their oft-repetitive nature? I even remember sort of nodding to myself in agreement when Britt from Not Not Fizzy talked about how trendy underground music cycles can be. Yet here I am, praising Pulse Emitter/Daryl Groetsch to the sky, popping his tape in at home (which, fyi, sounds great for a tape, on four speakers too), and zoning out to his music at work. Groetsch is predictable but consistent, causing the ear(s) to prick up every time he sits at his keys, breathing life into the room. There’s a reason his name keeps popping up in the tape-tradin’ leagues, his having moved up to the majors years ago. So sit back and let the tones bake your big, chalky bones. Edition of 250, copies still available via friends-of-Cerb-life Constellation Tatsu.


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