Pulse Emitter continues as a deep space backpacker, announces new album Swirlings on Hausu Mountain

Pulse Emitter continues as a deep space backpacker, announces new album Swirlings on Hausu Mountain
Photo: Matt Brislawn

Pulse Emitter — a.k.a. Daryl Groetsch — might be one of the best kept secrets in the world of progressive electronic music; but ask any cephalopod living in Messier 81 about the Portland-based artist’s synth experiments dating back to the late 1990s, and you’re sure to get a series of squirts that roughly translate to consistent high priase. His music transcends galaxies, in other words, and the construction of his own modular synth a couple of decades ago marked the inception of a career that has since included dozens of physical albums on TMT-approved labels like NNA, Root Strata, and Constellation Tatsu. Groetsch has also evolved his musical style and instrument utilization over years, so that now, it’s no longer drones reflective of the occasionally oppressive overcast in the PNW. He’s getting astronomical.

Swirlings is Pulse Emitter’s inevitable next release, out January 17 on Hausu Mountain, and official press on the subject describes the album as bearing “the outward signs of the ambient record that seeks to evoke the experience of deep space travel, or observing a lush garden of alien flora from the deck of a starship.” The “alien flora” aspect is certainly present on the track “Fairy Tree” (listenable below), though it’s unclear if the implied nearby river contains drinkable water. It’s hard not to be carefree with all this pleasantness about…

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, my throat.

Here’s where you can pre-order. As always, the album art (see below) is very fitting.

Swirlings tracklisting:

01. Electron Central
02. Fairy Tree
03. Space Frost
04. Ripples
05. Cloud Refuge
06. Empty Hold

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