Sculptures Deep Within the Cave [CS; Cabin Floor Esoterica]

The American Primitive leisure of Jeremy Hurewitz is so, so, SO appealing that it makes it easier to relax even in this boiling tub of social, economic, and political lava. As Rootless, Hurewitz just plays his guitar while the world passes in front him. Improvised and recorded in a cabin in Vermont, Sculptures Deep Within the Cave is a gentle, positive respite. You feel as if you’re sitting next to Hurewitz as he picks during a cool Spring evening. The only reason it’s worth writing anything at all concerning Hurewitz is because you should be listening to this cassette right now, and probably every day during the next 5-10 years (and possibly beyond). More is said without words, and I fear I may be spoiling the moment if I prattle on. So, trust me, get in touch with nature and find your own quiet spot to ride out the storm.


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